Monday, March 19, 2018

Snake Training Podcast from Animal Training Academy

Carrie Kish, Director of Reptelligence was recently interviewed by Ryan Cartlidge of Animal Training Academy

Listen to the podcast here:

PODCAST OUTLINE provided courtesy of Animal Training Academy

• 00:00 Introductions. 

• 4:35 - Carrie tells us about what Reptelligence is and the importance of training and enriching reptiles/snakes.

• 7:40 Carrie talks about how the information at Reptelligence compares to more traditional ways of management reptiles and snakes. 

• 11:48 Carrie talks about the importance of sharing reptile training and behavior with zoo visitors • 16:40 Here Carrie takes us through some of the research she is aware of with regards to snake training. 

• 26:10 Carrie shares four important steps to training your snake. 

• 34:50 Carrie talks about reptile/snake body language and where you can go to learn more about this. 

• 45:14 Here Carrie talks to the importance of giving reptiles exercise and what we still have to learn about this. 

• 47:21 Here Carrie discusses her process of crate training snakes and why she prioritized doing this with the animals in her care. 

• 53:20 Story time; Carrie shares two of her favourite stories from working with Animals so far. 

• 58:10 Carrie shares with us what she would like to see happen in the reptile/snake training world over the next 5-10 years.

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